About us

A little bit about us..

My name is Julia, I am a wife and mother to two beautiful children.                   

Devastatingly our 22 year old daughter Ashleigh passed away suddenly whilst working as a teacher in the Far East. The costs of repatriation were extremely high, and with Covid 19 restrictions they were way beyond normal and rising daily, fortunately with the support of family, friends and caring strangers we were able to raise the additional funds and bring our daughter home. (We still to this day cannot find the words to thank you all ❤️)

    4 months after Ashleigh’s death we were finally able to hold a funeral and lay our daughter to rest. Having been apart from Ashleigh for so long, before
and after her death, I wanted something to bring us close together again,
so I begun to search for memorial keepsakes. I was taken aback at some
of the prices, most were way out of my price range! so I decided to make
my own, this then extended to family and friends...
                     And so Ashes of Ashleigh was born! 

Each piece is personally handcrafted by myself. I will add your loved ones' inclusions with love and respect to bring you a memorial piece that is affordable without compromising on quality.